Adaptive Yoga

Yoga is a practice… not a destination.

The word ‘yoga’ means to yoke/join or union. Here in the West the practice is most identified with the physical poses. Joining movement with breath, action with thought and awareness with intention bring healing and peace to body, mind and spirit.

* If you have ever wondered if yoga is something you can do, it is.

* If you have ever wondered if it’s too hard, it’s not. At least it doesn’t have to be.

* If you have ever wondered how yoga can make you feel better, please read on…

Every body is different – in it’s shape, strength, flexibility, mobility, height, weight, tension, energy level and ability at any given time. Adaptive yoga is a way to raise your awareness of all these variables. Only you know how it feels to be in your body.

All the different styles of yoga ask you to ‘start where you are’. Adaptive Y.O.G.A. helps you identify where that is.

Many consider ‘adaptive yoga’ to be only for injuries or disabilities. I disagree. I believe it is for everyone. Of course, it is necessary to adapt your yoga practice in those cases. But what if you have never tried yoga before?

My definition of ‘adaptive yoga’ is to adapt the instruction and practice of yoga to each body in a safe, comfortable, ‘makes sense’ way. I believe it can be accessible to everyone no matter where your body is in any moment.

I’ve created ‘Your Own Gentle Approach’ to bring the many benefits of yoga to everyone. Especially to people with ‘challenges’. Which, face it, aren’t we all ‘challenged’ in some way? Please check out My Story to learn about mine.

I am in the process of creating a DVD “Your Own Gentle Approach – Basics”. In the meantime, you can experience Your Own Gentle Approach at the upcoming Workshops or scroll to the bottom of this page where I have 9 test videos for the DVD.

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Yoga has gone main stream because of it’s health benefits. Stress and anxiety reduction are just a couple of them. Click here to read the Mayo Clinic‘s endorsement of yoga. Always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise practice.

I wish you well on your journey!